大波士頓區臺大校友會在唐健輝校友領導下籌辦,於一九八五年十月慶祝母校校慶的聚會上正式成立,迄今已有三十年的歷史。本會會員包括臺大畢業、肄業生、教職員、以及訪問學者、顧問等; 凡與臺大有關的人,均歡迎參加。校友會幹事任期兩年,依慣例每年在年終慶祝校慶的餐會中推選新任幹事輪替。


The Greater Boston Alumni Association of National Taiwan University (GBAANTU) was established in October 1985 under the leadership of Alumnus Chien H Tang.  It has been over 30 years since then. Our members consist of students, graduates, visiting scholars, faculty /staff and consultants; any people who are associated with National Taiwan University (NTU) are welcome to join the Association.  The officers and committee members serve for a two-year term.

The objective of GBAANTU include nurturing members’ friendship, providing opportunities of experience sharing, social and professional networking, providing a platform for local community services, as well as linking communication between alumni members and the NTU headquarter in Taiwan. GBAANTU is a non-profit, non-political organization.


General Contact

Email: gbaantu@gmail.com


Board members 理事會成員

會長: 蕭 蔚 Wey Hsiao




副會長: 吳杏玫 Hsing-Mei Wu

財務兼總務: 王素芬 Sue-Fen Wang

秘書長: 賴政宏 Choung-Houng Lai

資訊網頁: 莊保羅 Paul Chuang

聯絡: 李以蕙 I-Hui Lee

資訊 Pau-Lo Chuang – 莊保

Pau-Lo is currently a business intelligence developer at a retail company in Boston. Previously worked as a business intelligence consultant at a consulting firm in Kansas.

Born and grew up in Paraguay for 18 years, moved to Taiwan for his undergraduate studies, and now working in the US. He enjoys traveling and exploring the environment around.